Bracken and the Crystal Cave

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   Donna and Ken Waters are avid believers in the power of magic. “Magic keeps you young at heart. It has wrought miracles in our lives, and brings us ever closer to our dreams and to each other.” If your reality does not include magic...well, let's just say: I think you'd enjoy life a whole lot more, if you did. For there is magic in all things: the dawn of a new day, the brilliance of the stars in the heavens and the resilience of the human spirit. Open your eyes and embrace the magic.

  Donna is from Waynesburg, PA. She is an ABD Ph.D., who majored in natural resources and environmental studies at the University of New Hampshire. Donna is a ten-year veteran of the Coast Guard. She has taught forestry and environmental science and has private tutored a wide range of subjects. "My life has been quite the adventure and there are many pages yet to be written."

  Ken is from Fort Worth, Texas. He is a computer science specialist; who worked for many years as a consultant and taught business accounting systems. Ken is now employed in the book trade. He brings home so many books, that we may need to move to a bigger apartment soon. I could tell you many things about Ken, but none of them would do him justice. For he is the kindest, most wonderful person on the planet and is far more enlightened than I. Ken is also working on a second book of his own - we shall keep you posted.

     Ken and Donna live happily together in a small apartment in Manchester, NH. We read a great deal, mostly fantasy and science fiction. Now, we'd like to share some of our stories. The setting for Bracken and The Crystal Cave is Donna's grandparents' house in Majorsville, WV. It was a magical place for me, growing up. I hope you enjoy it too.

Where's the Magic?

It's Here!

Bracken and the Crystal Cave

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Bracken and the Crystal Cave: is the first book in the Gnome Chronicle series.

Join Holly, Drew and their gnome friend (Bracken) on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Gnome Chronicles:                    Bracken and the Crystal Cave                ISBN # 978-1-4507-0661-2

eBook editions (currently available at and       ISBN # 978-1-4524-9790-7

The Dragons of Middle-Earth

The Gnome Chronicles:                               The Dragons of Middle-Earth               ISBN # 978-1-4507-2395-4

eBook editions (currently available at and              ISBN #978-1-4524-9931-4

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